The Problem With Barack Obama – PH 2012 Election Analysis

California, say it loud—pitch in $30 to get your Californians for Obama t-shirt: http://OFA.BO/CPNNUS


Greetings Earthlings and T.G.I.M. ( Thank God It’s Monday).

Now see here. This is exactly whats WRONG with Barack Obama and his Admin.
He/They seems to believe that a SIMPLE solution to America’s unemployment & economic woes, etc. is as SIMPLE as starting up a website, and selling some T-Shirts and various other items that help to increase the buyers value and elevate them to Pimp Status.

You know what they say though.
If you point one finger at someone, you get three pointing right back at you.
What’s done is done, and like Lady Gaga, we cant help it, we were BORN THIS WAY…
Move Forward with Obama in 2012.