BECOME A PART OF SOMETHING GREAT – Starring Johanna Lee Loxton

Facebook & Twitter Are Cool, But For BEST RESULTS, Meet Us Outside.


“OK this sounds like something im definitely interested in pursuing & im definitely excited .. it’s funny how you msgd me tho I was just thinking too myself todai I need a something new & fun project to work on & pursue. Something im definitely looking forward to.” – Johanna Lee Loxton


In the name of keeping things simple, the time has come for some good old fashioned authentic conversation in the name of moving things forward with the greatest of ease.

Mission Accomplished

This is Johanna, and she made the decision to step up and demonstrate the methods of the gladness, beginning with the most important part of the mission in regards to becoming a part of something great, which is known as the pay off.

Day Or Night - Summer, Winter, Spring,Or Fall

Your awareness serves you well if you were able to notice that the dollars that she is holding are actually Canadian as is she, which reflects that something great and being a part of it reflects a common cause that is applicable to the global masses, which is why she can be seen above on the night shift where the paved roads look and feel just about the same in all metropolitan cities across the galaxy.


2012 iPhone 5 Campaign With A Pimpish Appeal

As with all great things to be a part of, they function within the scope of orderly fashion, so above we see a demonstration of the 5 P’s military model which is as follows.

5 P’s = Proper Preparation Prevents Poor Performance


A Part Of Something Great - Â Mirror Image

In closing as we are again keeping it simple, we have all heard the motto that the eyes are windows to the soul, and looking in or out of these windows of a great thing as pictured above represent satisfaction from beginning to end, and since many of us have taken an interest in these starring role installments, we invite you again to join us, stay tuned in, and tell a friend.