“If Ya Havin’ Girl Problems We Feel Bad For You Son” – Barack Obama, Jay Z, And Beyonce, To Mitt Romney

From Beyonce's Official Facebook Page - September 19, 2012

via Huffington Post
Posted: 08/30/2012 5:04 pm Updated: 08/31/2012 2:25 am

WASHINGTON — As women have found themselves in the center of much of 2012’s political wrangling — their bodies a topic for debate, and their hearts and minds a top campaign priority — many are embracing their status as key voters, according to a poll released Thursday by Lifetime television.

Female voters strongly favor President Barack Obama over GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney, according to the survey, which was conducted by Republican pollster Kellyanne Conway of the polling company, inc./WomanTrend and Democratic pollster Celinda Lake of Lake Research Partners.

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Had to go ahead and post this image from Beyonce’s Facebook Page to keep things flowing in the proper direction as hers is the one with enough intelligence to actually list a countdown to election day watermark on the image.

The writing is on the wall, and the video is below!


A 47% of the American population perspective to consider.