Are Jay Z & Beyonce Illuminati Members?

Darkies Using Apple Computers? There Goes The Neighborhood!

Oh lawd!!
I done went and said ILLUMINATI..woooo….. yet everyone has a little light under the son, so here is a bit for you to take and go play somewhere while we handle grown up business.

Q: Jay Z , Beyonce, etc. as members of the Illuminati?
A: I doubt it, yet it does make for excellent publicity!

Q: Individuals responsible for that which allows some to express their thoughts and fears about who may be a member of the Illuminati to be on a list of Scary Larry’s and Mary’s to be kept track of and controlled,  as the cast members of  Illuminati characters in this story that was authored by someone?
A: Iuunoo. Maybe so. Might just could be. What you say?

Moral Of The Story.
No need to trip, its just some words and pictures on a computer/smartphone screen, so if you’re scared, well then say you’re scared, fool!

A different perspective to consider.