THE GOOD NEWS – PimpHop 10 Year Anniversary Special Report October 25, 2012

President Obama laughs as an official checks his driver's license at his polling place in Chicago, his hometown, where he flew to demonstrate how easy it is to vote early. (Brian Cassella / Chicago Tribune / October 25, 2012)


   [nooz, nyooz]

noun ( usually used with a singular verb )
1. a report of a recent event; intelligence; information: His family has had no news of his whereabouts for months.

2. the presentation of a report on recent or new events in a newspaper or other periodical or on radio or television.

3. such reports taken collectively; information reported: There’s good news tonight.

4. a person, thing, or event considered as a choice subject for journalistic treatment; newsworthy material. Compare copy ( def. 5 ) .

5. newspaper.

News reports are simply new perspectives to consider.