CHUCHH PREACH TABERNACLE – Clear Proof That Jesus Christ Was In Fact Pimpin

In The 80's With Bishop Don Magic Juan

“And a man’s foes shall be they of his own household.”

Matthew 10:36


Moral Of The Story

Im my honest opinion and mine alone, it would take a significantly high degree of mastery in the craft known as Pimpology, to be willing and able to recite a tough to stomach jewel such as the one listed above and allow each and every individual who was, is, and will be in observance to weigh the truth of the matter with their own thinking and feeling faculties afforded and endowed to each and everyone by their Creator and subsequently face the ridicule of others who accept answers from more conventional and popularly accepted sources which may in fact be of less accuracy but better in helping individuals to gain acceptance from their peers within their individual social networks.

Again, this is simply the opinion of I, Rylan Branch, inspired and written on Tuesday November 20, 2012.

A Barack Obama South Side Chicago like perspective to consider.