The subject was on my mind, so I decided to go ahead and put it in the wind on this hot summer day. I just got of the Facebook with one of my people from the old neighborhood, and came to the conclusion that this may be something of importance for some who may be experienecing something similar.

For some hard to explain reason, I have been feeling a greater and greater degree of disconnection with many people in the world at large.The reason that it stands out in my mind for me to notice is due to the fact that I am one of the most social individuals that I know, and I know quite a few people in different places who are into different things. In the early days of the internet buzz, I always expected the tool to lead to greater degrees of connectivity, and since I am fairly savvy at making connections with people, I was actually looking forward to meeting new faces from all over the planet, as new faces to me, always represent new oppurtuinites for good experiences or perhaps learning experiences.

As I ponder on some causes of this feeling, I have to trace it back to when I first began to notice the change in climate. One thing that I respect about president Obama is the fact that he stated something on the campaign trail that I have felt for years, yet even I wouldnt be as bold to open up my mouth and speak on it until he put it in the air.
He was claiming that the Bush administration used the 911 incident to scare up votes.


My story is fairly interesting when I think about it, yet you will need to wait on the book to arrive before I give it to you raw. None the less, I do recall that the feeling of disconnection did begin to appear in 2001 at the beginning of the year and then at a rapid climb after the September 11 events.It was as if I was placed back to my childhood, in which I often wondered if there really was such a thing as
The Boogeyman,
and if so, why did he always feel the need to hide?
That part of the story simply reflects how people, when in fear, tend to seek boundaries of safety and comfort to isolate themselves in to keep what they are afraid of on the outside in order to stay out of harms way. I guess the emotion that describes it the best is INSECURITY. The proof is in the amount of attention was then placed on security and the funding attached to programs which provide it.

Stranger danger, since words rhyme for a reason, is another way to describe it, so that individuals began to slowly but surely isolate themselves into compartments, and allow themselves to connect with individuals who they already are familiar with  and maintain a
sense of normalcy

Like I stated before, I always look forward to the opportunity to meet new people yet when it comes to fear and the
Scary Larry/Mary routine, I always feel some form of a slow up which usually results in the form of a disconnection.

I often wonder if the reason that this continues to occur at times is really based on me being on some form of a different channel that others in my environment, or perhaps its simply out of peoples fear of being different and not fitting in wit the rest of the crowd, which would lead to the same state of disconnection that I experience on greater levels as time progresses. While the technology, which allows connection is now greater nearly 10 years into the new century, it seems to be geared torwards providing security to people by keeping them connected to the people that they are already familiar with and not allowing them to encouraging new connections. My favorite example of course are the young women that I see in continuous conversations on mobile phones or texting, as the question in my mind would be if that is actually some form of a growth stunt which limits the possibilities of meeting new people in the name of offering security with the familiar?

Im just working it all out in my own mind simultaneously, so please excuse the rambling.The old fashioned saying is that

Your comfort zone is a trap.

With my logical and analytical mind working at peak levels, I would have to tie in the fact that the experts state that most of the problem with the economy has to do with human emotion, which is why you hear popular buzz words such as consumer confidence and
financial market stability.It would be some cold game if it was a double fear trap tactic to show that fear of the unfamiliar is on one end, and fear of the worseing conditions from that which is familiar  on the other, or as the old folks would say

Damned if you DO,
Damned if you DONT.

I could go on for quite a while on this subject and perhaps I will add it to some of my yet to be released  manuscripts. I will just conclude that the code with President Obama in regards to that buzz word known as CHANGE would add up to state that doing the smae thing in the same way, over and over and each time expecting a different result is often classified as INSANITY, which is why he just so happens to fit the part well, since his name as well as the name of his father happens to be
Barack Whos Sane Obama.

In closing, if you are an American, you know the saying as well as the feeling when you hear it.

The number you have reached,
xxx-xxx-xxxx, has been DISCONNECTED!

A different perspective to consider.

Stimulus Is LAW,
Put It On The Card

Written By
R. Branch
Code Name
Scotty Pimpin