(Repost) Other Peoples Opinions – How Much Do They Matter?(Facebook Breakfast 2013)


(Editors Note Monday July 29, 2013)
Originally Published on: Feb 9, 2010 @ 10:37

Thank God It’s Monday!
Today concludes our week long Facebook Fasting exercise for 2013 and the results have again led to more questions, that lead to more exercises and test results which lead to more questions which have already been asked and answered and asked again at a future time as this post was initially published exactly 3 years, 171 days ago along with the same question and conclusion becoming even more relevant as time progresses.

On with the show.

(End Note)

Greetings Earthlings.
Before I begin today’s discussion, I have recently been asked about the reasons why I sometimes open up with a greeting addressed to Earthlings as if I am not one of them and perhaps have lost my mind.

Its really a case of gaining my mind as I believe that being out of touch with reality is a good thing if reality according to what another believes, is bleak and dismal.

It would seem as if in order for me to assist others to gain a more enjoyable state of existence, I would need to create one for myself first in order to offer it to others, and I do so by simply thinking and acting accordingly, so call it a reap what you sow style app, compliments of yours truly.

I am in a bit of a philosophical mood for today’s Tuesday Newsday, as it is a bit of a gray one here in So Cal,so I decided to just share my thoughts and make it a good and productive use of time.

As usual, it is simple.
My day usually begins with ideas about how exactly to best be of service and continue the course of developing a quality web destination that you enjoy visiting, so I am always looking and the hows and whys regarding what I see on the Internet and in the world at large, which again, are slowly becoming

one and the same.

On the social network curcuit, it could simply be a matter of my own tendencies, yet and still, what I see is a typical routine in which females, and some males as well uploading pictures to be viewed and commented on, and just like a weirdo, although it is the new normal, I ask about the reasons why, as things need to have an objective for me to see how I can make things work better.

All I can say if I had to put it together, is that other people opinions matter to most people, so I then ask about the reasons why, and to what extenet.

Technically speaking, the opinions of others can and do only matter as much to an individual as they choose to make them matter, yet since we are not all technical in our thinking, I decided to open it up for discussion, in hopes of encouraging you to find your own questions as the one thing that no one can argue about with you is in regards to what you think and how you feel, as those two elements actually comprise that interesting concept known as
The Truth.

I have been told before that it is a woman thing, and I probably will never really get it, and that for the most part is probably correct, yet I can and do observe the causes and effects, and since showbiz is the name of the game around these parts, it requires that I peep game on a more in depth level.

Since I have been exposed to different cultures around the globe, I can say for certain that beauty and appearance tend to be the primary order of business in America which could have disastrous effects on the self esteem of people who place a high value on the opinion of others.

I could see how it can simply be a part of natural order and mate selection which is why western society places such a high value on the appearances of people, yet ever since I was a kid, I have wondered where the standards come from, which may explain why I am entering this content into a box on an online magazine at this very moment.

So what makes a person believe and feel that they are ugly, pretty, fat, skinny, sexy, repulsive, and all the other associated outward characteristics? Is it their own opinion of themselves or the opinion of others in comparison to others that shape their self image?

Another benefit of being from outer space is in my unique perception of things, which causes me to question why these magazine are always visible in a place that a human being is guaranteed to frequent, which is the check out line at a grocery store.

It could be a special mission for me in Hollywood, since for whatever reason, all I really see the media as is some words and pictures on paper or a computer or television screen.

Regardless, it actually is only what you interpret it to be which is why different people see the same exact thing in different ways, like you may think Angelina is a cold piece, as do I, yet Angelina thinks that African and Asian children are beautiful as standards go, and actually has a few to keep her company while showing the world what pretty looks like and earning a nice size slice of the American Pie in the process.

In the end, again, this is just to open up a discussion to gain a greater understanding so that I can use my powers to make things better.

You have powers to use as well, and you activated them as soon as you decided to tune in, so the question again is as follows.

Other Peoples Opinions- How Much Do They Matter?

As for me, they matter a little something as I do liked to be liked on the human side by women

yet the other side that rules, is my own opinion of myself first and foremost, which just elevated due to me watching my fingers create a post within forty minutes that may very well help someone or many avoid destruction and gain enlightenment just through encouraging a self inquiry.

Works for me, and might could work for you too.
Either way, its still my thing to do, which is to say to you,
On with the show.

Written By
R. Branch
Code Name
Scotty Pimpin