RULES OF THE GAME – The Truth About The NBA In LA

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She’s fucking somebody on the basketball team if she’s at the game

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Here’s Exactly What Happened On This End (From Saturday Afternoon Till Now.)

Started working on this post on Saturday night after being inspired by the Instagram image and caption above.

Woke up on Sunday morning (yesterday)to add the YouTube clip which coincides with the overall story.

Saved the post to draft and decided to take a nap due to getting up really early yesterday morning.

Rose from the nap and grabbed the tablet to check whats what online.

Saw a news caption talking about Kobe Bryant having been in a helicopter crash, first thinking it was a joke or meme with a slick message.

Went to a blog page on Instagram and saw the same news.

Decided to immediately turn off the laptop.

Turned to Channel 7 to see if any basketball games were on, and saw Eye Witness News reporting live from Calabasas CA taking commentary from witnesses.

Immediately turned the TV off.

Went in the back and took a couple puffs from a joint.

Put some effort into processing this all as best as possible.

Decided that the best thing to do was to just stay off the Internet and keep the TV off.

Put the laptop and tablet along with the remote control for the TV in the cabinet, so that if a change in mind was made, extra energy would need to be used by going to the cabinet because the power buttons of the devices were out of immediate reach.

Went on a walk in the fog to just ponder on life itself, and what the next course of action should be.

Got up this morning and turned on the TV after pre dawn prayers and had a cup of coffee.

Saw some more news about the Grammys and Staples Center along with the reactions of celebrities on Twitter and etc.

Wrestled with whether or not to post this article, deciding to post it and continuing to make independent decisions on how to operate and what type of energy to keep as before the indecent even occurred.

To Be Continued…