++THE COMPLETE PACKAGE – PH Entrepreneurial Support System Starring Taliyah Whelton

IG: OfficialBabyGrl ‏@OfficialBabyGrl 2hDudes are becoming the same guy, girls are becoming the same girl. Who's different in this world ??

IG: OfficialBabyGrl ‏@OfficialBabyGrl
“Dudes are becoming the same guy, girls are becoming the same girl. Who’s different in this world ??” Sept 15, 2013


1. having all parts or elements; lacking nothing; whole; entire; full: a complete set of Mark Twain’s writings.
2.  finished; ended; concluded: a complete orbit.
3.  having all the required or customary characteristics, skills, or the like; consummate; perfect in kind or quality: a complete scholar.
4. thorough; entire; total; undivided, uncompromised, or unmodified: a complete victory; a complete mess.
5. Grammar . having all modifying or complementary elements included: The complete subject of “The dappled pony gazed over the fence” is “The dappled pony.”


Complete Package Checklist

  • Personal website which after viewing will you considering stepping your own personal website game up should you have one. Check
  • Active Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook profiles with enough high profile people looking to connect with her without her putting out a request to be approached or booked. Check
  • Active Twitter Fan Club with an army of people who believe that she is worthy of such a scenario. Check
  • Active You Tube channel featuring self created professional quality videos with her sister Brooklyn working together as a team to share footage from their life’s adventures and comfortable enough in their own skin to actually hold a face to face verbal discussion and show you the good stuff that is available for you in real life. Check
  • Overall good personal attitude and hygiene, properly manicured and perfumed. Check

Moral of the story

Greetings Earthlings and T.G.I.M. (Thank God Its Monday)!
There is just oh so much good stuff that can be said about Taliyah in this post, yet when I am in the lab as I am now putting the final touches on this post, I often go into a creative zone and loose track of time and space and my fingers just begin to arrange things in a certain way on the screen according to how I believe that they should be both online as well as offline, so we will keep the words from yours truly as brief as necessary and shift the focus on the star of the show.

The encounter and introduction between Taliyah and myself came about last night due to a brief back and forth conversation yesterday on Twtitter regarding her views on how girls and guys both seem to be becoming all the same exact person, with her asking who is different, and with my response which points to how she is different with a notice that the post that you are now viewing would be available for us all to see today that demonstrates why she is different, with a better example of it (different) than 2 Chainz provides.

What makes her different in my assessment is how she is able to help me out by opening up my eyes and hipping me to the game of how all of this Twitter and Instagram business really works, as although I have officially been in business for more than 15 years and this website that we are viewing has been online non stop since 2003, I have yet to really ever get the hang of the new Short Message System/ Microblog/Smartphone Image Application trend which is somewhat embarrassing for me to admit since it does show to equate to relevance in 2013 and beyond, yet she was able too overlook this scenario and still exchange views with me, to which I have concluded that it is actually not for me to get as it is not my thing to do but a things of hers and future generations, while my thing remains to stay focused on the big picture and the bright future and create opportunities and ways for what she and the others are doing in essence to be done even better with an even greater meaning, value, and worthwhile investment of time.

In closing, what we are looking at in regards to Taliyah is the future of the global society and world economy, because through watching Taliyah’s featured video in this post, we see that she mentions 13 different nationalities that she owns as her ethnic heritage when asked what she is mixed with, is actually an official international citizen as well able to reside and function in different nations currently residing in Canada, and since she states on her personal website that her desire is to have her own show, we will continue on with the work that we do here at PimpHop.com of making dreams and goals into true realities by focusing on and enhancing her most valuable assets, which are her new age entrepreneurial skills and her abilities to communicate effectively as we all know that the world in the back end really all runs on communication, and he and/or she who are rulers of it (the world) are those most effective communication abilities who can best put them to use, write?

Good, so its on with the show.
Stay tuned in and tell a friend about this complete package/new world perspective to consider.