GIVING THANKS – Why Is It Important? PH 2014 Thanksgiving Day Message




verb (used with object)
1. to express gratitude, appreciation, or acknowledgment to:
She thanked them for their hospitality.
2. thank God, (used interjectionally to express relief, thankfulness, etc.)
Also, thank goodness, thank heaven.
3. Usually, thanks. a grateful feeling or acknowledgment of a benefit, favor, or the like, expressed by words or otherwise:
to return a borrowed book with thanks.
4. thanks, (used as an informal expression of gratitude, appreciation, or acknowledgment).
5. have oneself to thank, to be personally to blame; have the responsibility:
The citizens have only themselves to thank for corruption in government.
6. thanks to, because of; owing to:
Thanks to good organization and hard work, the benefit concert was a great success.
7. thank you, (used interjectionally to express gratitude, appreciation, or acknowledgment, as for a gift, favor, service, or courtesy).


Moral Of The Story


Studies of human existence as conducted by the experts have confirmed that when one is sincerely and genuinely appreciative and thankful in their disposition and attitude, God, The Universe, or perhaps more simply just people in general, tend to be more inclined to offer to an individual a particular thing that they posses that is considered to be of value by both parties in the transaction, when whatever is being shared is appreciated by the receiver, which is the easiest and most effective way to add value to any person, place, or thing.


A think ahead/move ahead perspective to consider.