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On the “official” release day for the new Drake NTWS album, a video was just released and posted on a Twitter link no less than an hour ago, which we caught wind of through some female fan retweets from Fredo Santana’s Twitter account as it appears now that he is actually a part of the video cast.

 26mS/o to @Drake squaddddd go get that me album #NWTS

S/o to @Drake squaddddd go get that me album #NWTS

Things are looking up this year for the music business and the economy as a whole which is evident through the fact that one a song from a rapper can and does lead to job creation for many other individuals who can contribute to the value and evolution of the production from the casting crew to the stylist, to the video production and promotion/marketing crew, technology teams, and even the janitorial crew responsible for the set maintenance, in addition to the catering staff responsible for providing dinning services for working people, just to name a few, again, all off the strength of a story/song that a talented artist spent the time to create along with a team effort type of work ethic which substantially lessons the amount of potential jealousy and envy for success as there are a sufficient amount of people eating from their works.

Moral of the story

Shout out to Cash Money Records and Drake for continuing to put in the kind of work that leads to more work and subsequent cash money!

Life is a movie, and each individual has a significant part to play, so add your character to the story as seen above on Twitter, and follow a script that has to written in to win!

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A forward moving perspective to consider.