CAN YOU SAY EXOTIC? – Sasha Boss Demonstrates How To Have Success In The Modeling Industry!!

"Can you say exotic?" -Sasha Boss

“Can you say exotic?” -Sasha Boss


Sasha Boss



1. of foreign origin or character; not native; introduced from abroad, but not fully naturalized or acclimatized: exotic foods; exotic plants.
2. strikingly unusual or strange in effect or appearance: an exotic hairstyle.
3. of a uniquely new or experimental nature: exotic weapons.
4. of, pertaining to, or involving stripteasing: the exotic clubs where strippers are featured.

"Glamour for sure" --Sasha Boss

“Glamour for sure” –Sasha Boss


1. the quality of fascinating, alluring, or attracting, especially by a combination of charm and good looks.
2. excitement, adventure, and unusual activity: the glamour of being an explorer.
3. magic or enchantment; spell; witchery.

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Moral of the story

Question: Although there are millions of young women doing the “modeling thing” on the Internet these days, can any of them expect to have any real success and earn a living in the process of doing what it is that they enjoy?


1. a standard or example for imitation or comparison.
2. a representation, generally in miniature, to show the construction or appearance of something.
3. an image in clay, wax, or the like, to be reproduced in more durable material.
4. a person or thing that serves as a subject for an artist, sculptor, writer, etc.
5. a person whose profession is posing for artists or photographer.


Answer: The answer is most certainly YES, IF….. she is willing and able to add value to a product and provide a service of attracting attention to a worthy product or idea, and in this particular case, Sasha is providing us with a valuable educational experience by demonstrating exactly what is required to have success in the modeling industry as she is modeling the ideas of success, exoticism, and glamour by setting a standard and example, which is exactly how the dictionary defines the term model as listed above this paragraph!


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