CRAIGSLIST COMPANIONS – A Sneak Peak @NewWorldOrder 2014 PH Job Creation Initiatives



1. a person who is frequently in the company of, associates with, or accompanies another: my son and his two companions.
2. a person employed to accompany, assist, or live with another in the capacity of a helpful friend.
3. a mate or match for something: White wine is the usual companion of fish.
4. a handbook or guide: a bird watcher’s companion.
5. a member of the lowest rank in an order of knighthood or of a grade in an order.

Moral of the story

This Is A Test Of The Emergency Pimpcast System.

As the song by The Fixx states, “One Thing Leads To Another” and history has proven that in America, the land of opportunity, integral businesses that currently employ a significant amount of people have been created by individuals with the unique ability to visualize future business prospects and needs for products, and anticipate potential changes in legal and moral codes in a society, as is evident through the first legal recreational marijuana outlets that are set to open in the State of Colorado at the beginning of 2014 which is within less than 72 hours of the time of this article being published, always beginning with the consideration of American entrepreneurial spirited ideas and perspectives.