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Moral Of The Story

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Authentically speaking, in my honest opinion, especially being the month of the significant others holiday known as Valentines Day, this simple yet most fundamental subject that powers all social relationships should be addressed head on, which is the human desire to be liked by others.

I personally as the author of this post do not have the answers in regards to what is really required for anyone to be well liked by others, whether in the few or in the many, yet being man enough to admit when there is something that I simply do not know at any particular moment is one admirable trait that I do like about my own self, as it is actually what leads to the process of learning and discovering answers and insights that are sometimes shared with the viewers who frequent these parts.

Like Management Skills.

Like Management Skills.

What I do know for certain and tend to focus on is my own criteria for likability in regards to myself as well as for others, which I will keep to myself for the time being, and simply apply this exercise at the beginning of the day which is to have a clear picture in my mind of the people, places, and things that I do like, following up by placing an indicator in front of my face that states the claim for those who fit the criteria (I Like You), and from that point, just like a likeability app, the people, places, and things that fit into my personal standard list of likeability begin to occupy the screen in front of my face, whether online or offline which is simply a matter of considering, and then approaching the situation of liking and being liked from and new and improved perspective.