On Gender Neutral Marriage- The California Prop 8 Debate

Greetings Earthlings, and welcome back to the greatest show in the galaxy.
The numbers are showing that the game has called upon someone to move things forward, and the duty has landed on our shoulders as we have the GAS.

On that note, I am going to go ahead and drop a bit of discourse regarding an extremely interesting subject of debate that seems to be on a historically passionate level equal to the 2008 general election and all related issues, and that subject is the scenario of same sex marriage.

Before I begin, I suppose that the usual fashion in which a media outlet addresses its views is to state a disclaimer which explains that the views and opinions of the editor do not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of our sponsors and or affiliates. At the end of the day, in actuality, any associating between any individuals can only be created in regards to some form of similarity in thinking, so THE TRUTH is, that the overall views and opinions of this PimpHop.com Internet Magazine and brand as well as its founder is that we agree that everyone is entitled to have and voice their opinion, and whether the opinions agree or conflict, we fully support each individuals right to hold and or state any opinion that they see fit.Its an Agree to Disagree Stance.

Moving forward, the scenario states the following criteria.

In May, after the California State Supreme Court ruled same-sex marriage legal, the courts mandated state officials to provide gender-neutral licenses and other marriage forms. “Bride” and “groom” became “Party A” and “Party B.”

The next scenario led to a heated debate and protest, has created a proposition which is currently scheduled to appear on the 2008 Ballot in November.

California Proposition 8 (2008)

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Proposition 8 is an initiative measure on the 2008 California General Election ballot titled Eliminates Right of Same-Sex Couples to Marry.[1][2] If passed, the proposition would change the California Constitution to eliminate the right of same-sex couples to marry in California.[3] A new section would be added stating “only marriage between a man and a woman is valid or recognized in California.”

The measure was submitted for the ballot by petitioners with the title “California Marriage Protection Act.”[4][5] The title and summary were revised by Attorney General Jerry Brown to more “accurately reflect the measure.”[6] The Superior Court of California ruled in favor of these revisions, stating, “The title and summary is not false or misleading because it states that Proposition 8 would ‘eliminate the right of same-sex couples to marry’ in California. The California Supreme Court unequivocally held that same-sex couples have a constitutional right to marry under the California Constitution.” [7]

I will then add the current Law.com online dictionary definition of the term marriage.

n. the joining of a male and female in matrimony by a person qualified by law to perform the ceremony (a minister, priest, judge, justice of the peace or some similar official), after having obtained a valid marriage license (which requires a blood test for venereal disease in about a third of the states and a waiting period from one to five days in several). The standard age for marriage without parental consent is 18 except for Georgia and Wyoming where it is 16, Rhode Island where women can marry at 16, and Mississippi in which it is 17 for boys and 15 for girls. More than half the states allow marriages at lesser ages with parental consent, going as low as 14 for both sexes in Alabama, Texas and Utah. Marriages in which the age requirements are not met can be annulled. Fourteen states recognize so-called “common law marriages” which establish a legal marriage for people who have lived together by agreement as husband and wife for a lengthy period of time without legal formalities.

First and foremost I believe that my WAY WITH WORDS can actually prove extremely useful in this discourse, as the debate really does all hinge of word definition.

The controversy stems from the concept of common law marriage in which the legal definition does not make any reference to gender.

From what I know, homosexual couples were using this as a method to receive rights and privileges under the law of their particular state, and a scenario came about which basically would advocate for a changing of the letter of the law to classify marriage all together as gender neutral, which is what we now see on marriage licenses in states such as Massachusetts as well as California , which defines couples as Party A and Party B.

Most of the language in the debate from Anti Same Sex marriage advocates state that they are not against homosexuality as a lifestyle choice, but are fighting against having the definition of marriage changed to become gender neutral, to hold the institution of marriage as a legally recognized union between a male and a female.

Now for my take on the matters at hand!!!

From what I know about life, there does appear to be a pattern that reflects that whatever a person fears will generally appear, and the more one fights against something , that which they fight against becomes stronger. I believe that something similar was stated in the popular discourse known as “The Secret” yet, whats a secret to some is usually hidden in plain sight to those who are aware.One of the Star Wars movies has a scenario in which Jedi Master Yoda explains to Anakin Skywalker, that
A Fear Of Loss is A Path to The Darkside“, but HEY, what do we know anyhow?
It may very well indicate the reasons as to why G-Dub was able to secure the presidency in 2001 even though he was shown to be the less popular candidate, but its the same ole story…
Dont Hate The Player, Hate The Game!!!!

So with that said, i can pretty much anticipate that the Proposition 8 measure will NOT pass due to the fact that it is ALREADY legal in the state of California for same sex couples to marry, but again, only time will tell.

Yes, you do want to know what my personal stance is in regards to same sex marriage and homosexuality in general, so ask and you will receive.

As controversial as it may sound, I feel that it is time for me to come out of the closet, and admit that I am a FULL BLOWN & BLATANT HETEROSEXUAL MALE with an attraction to attractive members of the opposite sex.

Why in the world would I feel the need to come out of the closet with a scenario which for most, is considered NORMAL and NATURAL as well as popular? Here is where The Game gets DEEP, so be sure to check your scuba gear before you proceed.
Normal and Natural really IS relative to the environment that you frequent.

Some people and Family members who are aware of things do often ask what Business I have when going to Hollywood or HollyWeird as they like to call it, yet when I explain, they have to commend me on just how far ahead of things I tend to be.

I dont believe it to be any real surprise to most people that homosexual culture actually flourishes within the entertainment industry, which holds its base primarily in Hollywood, but for those who are not aware, well , now you know.

So on that note, there are actually quite a few individuals who very well may practice certain types of behavior than what you are actually shown in the media.

I actually put together a fairly popular installment in regards to
Neil Harris (Doogie Howser)

coming out of the closet and admitting his sexual preferences. We have also seen scenarios in which Isiah Washington was relieved of his role on the Greys Anatomy show in regards to his statements regarding cast member TK Knight, who actually came out of the closet and admitted truth to Isiah Washingtons claim that he was a homosexual male after a blow up between Washington and other fellow cast member Jack Dempsey regarding his slur.
All in all, it would appear that his dilemma was really in regards to his choice of words, because he called him a FAGGOT, which is deemed derogatory and anti gay , homophobic rhetoric by many.

Its the Power Of Words…
Say Pimp, Say Nigger,Say Faggot,
Ohhhhh, how do you feel??

The story is even deeper when you become aware of the fact that one of the most profitable business ventures in the entertainment industry in this day and age, is what could be entitled as a
HETEROSEXUAL IMAGE CONSULTANT or LIAISON, so that you actually have certain journalist , authors, and celebrity bloggers, who are holding secrets and classified information in regards to notable entertainers and are rewarded quite well for keeping information about certain individuals under wraps.

So, it all ties in to this individual brand and publication because we do encounter certain road blocks and obstacles in regards to certain events and news due to the fact that we are somewhat of a rouge regime in Hollywood and globally, so for those who have questioned why the updates in regards to club photos and event information have been few and far between, we speculate that this scenario amongst other things plays apart.

How does this all tie in to my views in regards to Gender Neutral Marriage, and the subject of Homosexuality?
The actual truth is that I in fact condone and advocate Homosexual Marriage and Lifestyle.
To each their own, so long as no harm is done to others.
Now, as always, being a computer guy, that deals with things on a LOGICAL LEVEL and not an
EMOTIONAL LEVEL, I will elaborate using some simple well known statistics and common sense.

First and foremost, census services and sociologist have stated for a very long time now that women actually out number men in the population of the planet earth by at least 7 to 1, which is why China places a limit on the amount of female children a family can have..THERE ARE ALREADY TOO MANY GIRLS.

Bringing the story back home to the good ole US of A, the scenario still reflects in what you see in society, and some cities and areas are over flowing with women.
With that said, other than the few who perhaps have turned to the same sex as a primary means of affection and object desire, a Majority of WOMEN, at least the ones that I encounter, are still primarially interested in and attracted to males.

Therefore, while Hollywood is a place known for its embrace of homosexuality, the facts STILL show that a majority of the Women are Heterosexual, or perhaps Bi Sexual?
On this note, we can see why it would be of benefit for males who are Heterosexual to frequent Hollywood, as the fact would show that a limited supply equals an increased demand which indicates a increase in the value of supply, which is why in the controversial post about Doogie Howser,I made the statement
“More Coochie for Me.”

In a more scientific, non emotional approach, the more homosexual men there are increases the demand for heterosexual men from heterosexual women, and the women who are homosexual increases the demand value for women who are heterosexual  from heterosexual men.

The next scenario that would unfold in the course of nature is that the reproduction factor would propagate the species of heterosexual couples and perhaps lead to extinction for homosexual unions over time, which would then perhaps increase the demand for
ummm…….. the adoption of children from
“3rd World” nations

or Test Tube Clone Babies,

which are subjects that I will address in due time.

So, in the end, without wishing any ill will towards anyone for their beliefs, but rather wishing wellness for  myself, the next step , if and when the measure to disallow for same sex measures does not pass, is to rally the push for legislation for the
Legalization of Polygamy

to keep the flow going.
Two girls for every boy is what The Beach Boys sing!!!

Sounds Out OF This World, Does It?
I will then close by bringing your attention to another popular and controversial measure on the ballot in the Golden State Of California via San Francisco.

Proposition K, San Francisco, November 2008:


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Ballot Pamphlet Summary- San Francisco 2008

“Enforcement of Laws Related to Prostitution and Sex Workers”

State and local laws prohibit prostitution. State and federal laws prohibit human trafficking for prostitution or forced labor. Criminal laws also prohibit crimes such as battery, extortion and
rape, regardless of the victim’s status as a prostitute or sex worker.

In 1994, the Board of Supervisors established a Task Force on Prostitution (Task Force) to examine prostitution in the City and to recommend social and legal reforms. In 1996 the Task Force released a report recommending that:
• City departments stop enforcing and prosecuting prostitution crimes;
• City departments instead focus on neighborhood complaints about quality of life infractions;
• The City redirect funds from prosecution and incarceration to providing services and alternatives for those involved in prostitution.

To date, the City has implemented some of the Task Force’s recommendations. In 2003, the City adopted an ordinance transferring the licensing and regulation of massage parlors from the Police Department to the Department of Public Health (DPH). In 2006, DPH adopted another recommendation by establishing an anonymous telephone message line for sex workers to voice concerns about their working conditions.

The District Attorney’s office, in cooperation with the Police Department and a local non-profit organization, manages the First Offender Prostitution Program. This is a diversion program with separate programs for prostitutes and clients who have been arrested. It is partially funded by fees from clients who have been arrested.

Proposition K would prohibit the Police Department from providing resources to investigate and prosecute prostitution. It would also prohibit the Police Department from applying for federal or state funds that involve racial profiling to target alleged trafficking victims and would require any existing funds to implement the Task Force’s recommendations.

Proposition K would require the Police Department and the District Attorney to enforce existing criminal laws that prohibit coercion, extortion, battery, rape, sexual assault and other violent crimes, regardless of the victim’s status as a sex worker. It also requires these agencies to fully disclose the investigation and prosecution of violent crimes against sex workers.

Proposition K would prohibit the City from funding or supporting the First Offender Prostitution Program or any similar anti-prostitution program.

The Board of Supervisors would be able to amend this measure by a two-thirds vote if it found the amendments would reduce criminalization of prostitution and violence against sex workers.

A “YES” VOTE MEANS: If you vote “yes,” you want the City to:
• stop enforcing laws against prostitution,
• stop funding or supporting the First Offender Prostitution Program or any similar anti- prostitution program,
• enforce existing criminal laws that prohibit crimes such as battery, extortion and rape,
regardless of the victim’s status as a sex worker, and
• fully disclose the investigation and prosecution of violent crimes against sex workers.

A “NO” VOTE MEANS: If you vote “no,” you do not want to make these changes.

Where Do We Go From Here?