VALENTINES DAY – Click Here To Know If She Or He Is Really Worth It!! Starring Michelle & Barack Obama

The White House February 13, 2014. "May I?"

The White House February 13, 2014.
“May I?”

Valentine Day

February 14, observed in honor of St. Valentine as a day for the exchange of valentines and other tokens of affection.

Moral Of The Story

Welcome Home, Happy Valentines Day, and much thanks for tuning in to today’s simple yet uniquely enlightening look at this popular holiday and custom.

Authentically speaking, life is interesting in the ways that we can often come to the true knowledge of many things in the most simplest of ways, and in this particular case, I do recall that as a child, we would often mistakenly ask and accept to be each others valen-times for the holiday exchanges.

With that said, my sincere belief and stance is that if he or she places a higher value on anything other than each individuals time and attention to be exchanged, then it is an indication of low self worth on the part of each as the need for anything outside of ones own self given and/or accepted as more valuable than self is a primary indicator of the status know as inadequacy, the main driving force behind the majority of consumer demand and spending.


If we were to observe and analyze the thoughts and behaviors of the U.S. First Couple as seen in the header illustration, we would now be able to see that they are exchanging their time and attention with each other along with mutual appreciation for the exchange, and while from one perspective, it may seem to be a result of the fact that each already has access to the best of everything in regards to tangible and intangible consumer goods, a different perspective to consider would be the idea that confirms that each of them first having self respect and valuing their own time and attention, and then following up with respecting and valuing their partners time and attention, could be the very reason why the reality of already having access to the best of consumer goods along with the additional power of the pen which controls the economy that regulates commerce to begin with is an actual fact.

More simply put, its what we call the power couple style approach, and having respect for and valuing self, as well as each member of the team is how we keep the money, power, and respect, all up in the family!

Happy Valen-Times Day to you and yours!

Rylan Branch
The Janitor Life Experience Magazine.