BIG MAMA’S AND PAPA’S PIZZERIA – “Outside The Box” Marketing & Promo In The City Of Angels

Mental Note

This is just an entry to explain to myself and perhaps others who are curious about our often unorthodox methods of marketing and promotions, yet in the showbiz capital of the world where wishing on a star, regardless of whoever you are, can make anything ones heart desires come to them, special knack, personal experience, and training confirms that the winning ticket can come from anywhere at anytime, and one must have the willingness to take the ball, rock with it, and make you up something out of what you have received (get creative).

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I was just watching TMZ on Fox Networks and they were interviewing the owner of this Pizzeria Chain which I have actually enjoyed pizza from on a few occasions, then when logging on to Facebook, the algorithms placed their company’s Facebook page in our news feed as a suggested page, with the image that is featured above as their header image, which was created 4 hours ago by their staff to capitalize on what Harvey Levin from TMZ classified as $10 million dollars worth of publicity due to yesterdays events at the Academy Awards.

Side Note: Brad Pitt used to work at El Pollo Loco on Sunset & La Brea as a dancing chicken along with his gig as a driver for strippers.

End Note.