SELLING CONVERSATION – The Game According To V.Stiviano’s Exclusive Barbra Walters Interview #DonaldSterling

V. Stiviano on Instagram

V. Stiviano on Instagram


Moral Of The Story (Mental Note)

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As of current press time, yours truly as the author of this entry has yet to watch this exclusive interview and discussion between Barbra Walters and V.Stiviano and will be watching it along with you as a valued viewer three seats down from you in the theater.

From the looks of it, the whole matter stems around a conversation which in this particular case has captivated the worlds attention in regards to relevant issues of race, religion, and culture, yet in regards to the subject of economics and job creation, V.Stiviano according to her Instagram account, is a self styled poet and writer amongst other helpful things, and since this is an online publication, it would be realistic to conclude that a combination of the social media powers of Instagram, along with as a life experience publication in order to help expand on the stories being told with pictures, is definitely a step in the right direction of a prosperous future.

Introducing Instagram Web Embeds

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Today, we’re excited to introduce web embedding for Instagram content and bring you an easy way to add Instagram photos and videos to the stories you want to tell.

Now, when you visit an Instagram photo or video page on your desktop web browser, you’ll see a new share button on the right side of your photo (just under the comments button). Click the button to see the embed code. Copy the block of text it gives you and paste it into your blog, website or article. When you hit publish, the photo or video will appear.

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Thank you for your time spent reading this message, now lets grab our popcorn and drinks and enjoy the show.

An “IMAX 4-D” theater perspective to consider.