THE PH 2014 “BALLER BABES” CAMPAIGN- Happiness Is A Choice Starring Raya Reaves

7 months ago
Happiness is a choice… “Make it a great day” ☀️

16 months ago
My first billboard in LA! #work #dreams Kumho Tires!

2 months ago

7 months ago
See my work at Fox Hills Mall in LA @lavishbeautyhair

25 minutes ago
My new favs ❤️ #pierrehardy

Moral Of The Story (Solution)

Welcome Home!

To offer further clarity to those who have an interest, when it comes to the concept of “Ballin”, and the “PH 2014 Baller Babes Campaign” it’s really all about the attitude and vibes being shared by the stars at the core, and the reasoning and logic behind it all is simple.

Whenever we invest into any products including but not limited to luxury goods, what we are looking to acquire is not the product itself, but rather the feeling that we attach to and receive from the product, and in this particular case, being that this is a business venture in the back end here at Your Friendly Neighborhood, the product can often be found with a model attached, who has been assigned the job of communicating and modeling the idea and feeling that one is to attain when acquiring the product, hence what you see above with Raya Reaves as a perfect example and demonstration.

More simply put,

A Wonderful Feeling = What We Have To Offer.

References available upon request!


A mental and emotional clarity perspective to consider.