MY MOTTO – Positive Self-Talk And Personal Development With Tiffany Larson


What is self-talk?

Self-talk can have a really great impact on your self-esteem and confidence. There is positive and negative self-talk and they both have an impact on how you feel. There are a few ways you can develop better self-talk including just listening to what you’re saying to yourself each day. It’s worth practicing self-talk as feeling good about yourself is worth the effort.

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There are many quotes.. sayings and phrases that have motivated me and kept me moving over the years. Here is one of my favorites and one I try to live everyday!

“Find someone who has what you want! Find out what they did to get there and then work twice as hard as they did to get there! “


Everyone wants success.. very few want to do what they need to do in order to get there!!

Go against the status quo!

Do the opposite of what everyone is doing and chances are you’ll achieve more success than your wildest imagination! But than again.. imagination is usually where the path to our success begins!!