MONEY TALKS – PH Jerry Maguire “Show Me The Money” Remix Starring Amber Rose!!!


Amber Rose

Muva, Milf, Sweetheart, Badass and Baldhead Scallywag Bookings
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Moral Of The Story (Solution/Speaking It Into Existence)


Per Open Letter To Amber Rose September 25, 2014:

“our job here at your Friendly Neighborhood is to to support you by helping you to create and develop your own pre-scripted success story that is to your unlimited liking and then coordinate the execution efforts, before it manifests and is visible to others as a reality, also known as a script that has you written in to win, and what we label as a different perspective to consider.”


If you’re in L.A then we should make a movie out of it.
Why you bullshittin?

Special shout out going to Twitter for knowing that even celebrities do indeed read their mentions, on their phones, tablets, or laptops, when its about some publicity, business opportunities, or just some different perspectives to consider.