CHECK OUT DINAH JANE HANSEN – She Is Worth Billions And Billions!!!

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together we are brave , we are honest , and we are so beautiful . ❤️ A photo posted by ♛DinahJane (@dinahjane97) on


no one knows this , but when I walk out on stage I get so nervous . thinking , is this gonna be the night where I fall flat on my face with all those damn steps , what’s the choreo again !? Are my shoes tied ?! (laces have already been perfectly tied Dinah . tightly . double times. 😒) & there are other times where i don’t feel so well . times where I beat myself up of overthinking so I let my feelings get the best of me . times where I allow my personal life into my performance . But the moment that spotlight touches your faces , it’s like nothing else matters anymore . Im zoned out . Zoned out to the many stories that have been shared to me . I’ve heard stories of how someone’s traveled hours/ miles away just to attend our show or have saved every coin months prior to make sure they have enough to come out, how a song of ours have changed or better yet has saved their life , how they’ve been able to make everlasting friendships because of us, how they’ve struggled with insecurities but have looked at 5 uniquely different images and were able to identify themselves with us and know that being perfect is unrealistic , that their perfectly fine ! Because of you , you give me strength . You give me courage . You give me love . ❤️

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Moral Of The Story (And Dinah Jane Hansen Is Worth Billions Because?)


Oh me?

I really aint got much to say.

She can and does speak well for herself, along with her Fifth Harmony sisters, and billions of fans and viewers who are in agreement!

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