PIMP MY LIFE STORY – The Truth About PimpHop.com And A Tribute To Iceberg Slim


Iceberg Slim

Robert Beck (born Robert Lee Maupin; August 4, 1918 – April 28, 1992), better known as Iceberg Slim, was an American reformed pimp and author.

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Diane Beck and Iceberg Slim
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Robert Beck, aka Iceberg Slim, with daughters Camille, 22, Melody, 19, and Misty Beck, 16
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Moral Of The Story (Solution/What I Honestly Believe)

What I Rylan Branch honestly believe is, that the working class of this American society is educated by the ruling class of this society, to be, think, and do exactly what is required to keep them as a subservient class by shaping their identity to make them believe that what is really in their best interest is what they are taught to reasonably expect for themselves, which is generally a condition that makes them dependent on the ruling class for any type of upgrade in personal value and quality of life, yet never to the extent to where their efforts are most beneficial to them (working class) as opposed to the ruling class educators.

When we move to the word PIMP and its positive and or negative connotations as determined by experience and education, we can actually refer to its usage in the title of a popular urban culture book/bible with the word PIMP as its title, and for whatever reason, yours truly as the author of this post interprets the title of PIMP, THE STORY OF MY LIFE as a testimonial of a man known as Robert Beck, code name Iceberg Slim, who had the wherewithal to take the story of his life, and subsequently have it be the subject of his pimping, as opposed to how one would generally see it, which is as the testimonial of the life story about a reformed pimp.

A special shout out also goes to the folks over at Cash Money Records/Content for knowing the actual value of this body of work and securing the rights to it, as the culture itself is actually built on content, which again, is what the ruling class educators use to program the working class about their own sense of self making them (ruling class) the actual pimps of the socialite story in the form of authorities who are the authors of the rules to begin with.

Change We Can Believe In
– Barack Obama

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