CUTE SELFIES – How Important Are They Really? PH Investigates



1. of much or great significance or consequence:
an important event in world history.
2. mattering much (usually followed by to):
details important to a fair decision.
3. entitled to more than ordinary consideration or notice:
an important exception.
4. prominent or large:
He played an important part in national politics.
5. of considerable influence or authority, as a person or position:
an important scientist.
6. having social position or distinction, as a person or family:
important guests.
7. pompous; pretentious:
When speaking, he assumes an important attitude that offends his audience.

Moral Of The Story (Solution)



We have made it to yet another January 01, intact so lets first give thanks.

Being that this is the first day of the new year and we are conscious of time, the decision has been made to open up some dialouge about the actual importance of selfies, yet for the sake of saving valuable time, what we can see and know right off top, is that both taking and looking at selfies does cost time, and many conclude that time as well as space can be equated to money, and for those who consider money, time, and space as important things in life, we can begin this year more better informed by listing the dictionary definition of the term “important,”  to see how it matches with the new pop culture phenomenon known as taking, posting, and analyzing selfies, according to each ones individual priorities and desired outcome in life.

To Good Mental, Physical, and Financial Health!

A “first of the month/year” perspective to consider.