“WELL TO DO” – An Amazing True Life Story Starring YOU #CastingNotice


Moral Of The Story (Solution)

“What does the rich versus the poor really mean?
Psychologically it means you got to pick your team.
When someone says the rich gets richer
Visualize wealth and put yourselves in the picture.”

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Between us as friends, I Rylan Branch, while composing this post, was having an extremely difficult time with selecting a person who represents the idea and status known as well-to-do, out of the millions if not billions of available options available in the form of images and profiles on the web, so the decision was made to just make life easier by setting this post as an open invite and blank box casting notice, opening it up to you, and then we can see from that point who will come through and prove the selection to be correct and true.


Good Luck, and To Good Health!

An “it’s about that time” perspective to consider.