LIFE = WOMEN + MONEY – The Truth About The Viral Dress Debate Starring Anne Curtis




1. an outer garment for women and girls, consisting of bodice and skirt in one piece.
2. clothing; apparel; garb:
The dress of the 18th century was colorful.
3. formal attire.
4. a particular form of appearance; guise.
5. outer covering, as the plumage of birds.


Ann Curtis

annecurtissmith Fil-Aussie Actress/Host & Pursuer of Dreams.

Moral Of The Story (Solution/Something To Think About)

Regardless of the color of the dress, the dictionary defines the term as a garment worn by women and girls, and it just so happens that in the PH post at this link, Bill Gates strikes a claim that investing in women and girls is the key to a thriving global economy, as does Warren Buffet in the PH article at this link, and perhaps we would go as far as to say that we actually see it ” The Viral Dress” as green in color when considering the matter from a #NewEconomy perspective.