TINASHE SAYS “DONT STOP LOOKIN’ AT ME” – Why Does She Wanna Stay On My Mind Tho?



On One’s Mind

Fig. occupying one’s thoughts; currently being thought about. You’ve been on my mind all day. Do you have something on your mind? You look so serious.

3/16 #Amethyst

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Moral Of The Story (Solution)


Between us as friends, this post is being composed while trying to watch the Clippers vs. Thunder game on ESPN, so consider me distracted, in a good way.

To Tinashe, The Virgin Mary, or the millions of other attractive women online that are uploading images of themselves onto the Internet, I pose this question, and it is a most sincere one.

It’s obvious that your goal is to be on the minds of individuals, including mine, but why exactly, do you seek to be on my mind, like Tinashe or The Virgin Mary is, for the time being?

When we really think about it, major world religions and cultures are actually centered around this same concept, which is really just an “easy on the eyes” perspective to consider.