SHE WANNA BE A VIP (PART 2) – Starring Rihanna, Alicia Keys, Madonna, And Beyonce #TIDALforALL

Here comes the Tidal Wave!!! Who Runs The World???????? ❤️#rebelhearts

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Moral Of The Story (VIP Pimpin’ Solution)


Its the last day of March 2015, and yesterdays important business news was regarding the new Tidal Music Streaming Ventures and how it will revolutionize art and pop culture as an artist owned and operated platform. Jay Z made a statement about how they (the artists) need to write their own story, but in actuality, the women pictured in this and various posts within these walls may be saying

” yeah Jay but, we like it when Rylan Branch writes our stories, because them stories be The Supreme Truth like a muthafuka tho!”


Life = Women + Money.
Do You See The Light?

A “Lady Liberty” perspective to consider.