PH LAUNDRY SERVICES – Mixing Your Whites With Your Coloreds In The #NewEconomy Starring Kylie Jenner


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Moral Of The Story (PH Laundry Service Solution)


Lets see here.
In the #OldEconomy, one would want to separate their whites from their coloreds while doing the laundry, to help avoid having the coloreds bleed unto the whites and diminishing the value of the whites, yet in the #NewEconomy, with some of the whites having a mind of their own to make their own decisions with, it is actually a more economically sound practice of mixing the coloreds with the whites, with the end results confirming an even higher value for the whites through the contact with the laundry blood of the coloreds, as evident with young Kylie Jenner and her latest social media image uploads and subsequent debate on the ever important subject of race relations, with millions of individuals and their views and interests being drawn to such an important and relevant debate and discussion in less than 24 hours!

In defense of, or even better, offense for Kylie’s so called “black face” position, we will refer the matter of race relations from a Black perspective to an expert and controversial figure in regards to the subject, known as Louis Farrakhan, who we invite any so called “black power” types to field their questions and concerns to as stated in the PH article link above.

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Another “P” True Hollywood Story!