SHE’S A MOVIE STAR FORREAL!!! – PH “Fifty Shades Of Black” Remix Starring Kali Hawk ft. Marlon Wayans

Movie Star

A movie star (also known as a film star and cinema star) is a celebrity who is well-known, or famous, for his or her starring, or leading, roles in motion pictures. The term may also apply to an actor or actress who is recognized as a marketable commodity and whose name is used to promote a movie in trailers and posters. The most widely known, prominent or successful actors are sometimes called “superstars” by writers and journalists. When a small number of suppliers dominate a market those suppliers become superstars. According to an online dictionary, a movie star is an actor or actress who is famous for playing leading roles in movies.

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Moral Of The Story (Mental Note To Self)

Let’s see here.

Ok, Kali likes to star in movies, and I like to watch her star in movies and subsequently stunt on the world with images from the movie premiere red carpets, award shows, parties, and talk shows, so let’s just let my fingers do the walking, and write up some scripts and storylines for some movie roles that she can star in and win a few awards for, and boom, Hollywood’s diversity problem solved.

 Now, in the original Fifty Shades Of Grey story, the character Anastasia Steele is the female protagonist and central figure of the story with Christian Grey as the co star so we will take it upon ourselves to remix the story according to this scenario as we move forward with these New Hollywood/New Economy initiatives.

Lastly, with all of the current static going on in Hollywood regarding a lack of diversity in award nominations and winnings, along with a lack of diversity within the realm of studio executives, in addition to the gender pay gap debate, etc. etc. it was Jada Pinkett Smith who actually spoke of a solution in which we are to use our resources and powers to create a better situation and eliminate the need for validation from “so called” powers that be, which I agree with wholeheartedly to the extent that opportunities for roles and worthwhile productions are actually created with writing, in the same exact way that this post that was inspired by a single glance by yours truly at an Instagram image and caption posted by Kali as the feature header image of this post, which confirms what is stated below.

Got it?
Good, now let’s get it…on…with the show!

A “Life = Women + Money” perspective to consider.