TIME IS MONEY – Your Net Worth Is Determined By How You Choose To Spend Your Time Starring Kim Kardashian West


Kim Kardashian West

Kim’s annual salary range per year is estimated at $25 – 30 million. Read on for the facts on what Kim spends her money on and how she acquired such a massive fortune.

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Moral Of The Story (Time Is Money Solution)


“Dictating, ain’t taking orders from no one but God
I know you niggas is broke ’cause I know what you charge.”

King Back LYRICS


Even online it aint easy, but somebody has to address the ever present REALITY TV of time.

As a bonus point of valid pimpformation, when it comes to potential or current employers seeking to view the social media profiles of potential or current employees, the primary data being sought by rational minded hiring professionals, is in relation to exactly how the individual in question is spending their own time, to better know how the candidate or current employee would most likely spend the said employers paid company time.

A “time conscious” perspective to consider.