GIRLS JUST WANNA HAVE FUN – PH Social Media Success Strategy In 5 Simple Words Starring Jasmine Sanders


13 hours ago
These ladies!! Never a dull moment! Couldn’t be happier for you! Congrats @kehlanimusic ! Tonight’s yours! #YSBH

My Candice Baby! @candice_b_ #TaylorsStoryBook

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A photo posted by Jasmine Sanders (@golden_barbie) on

That’s my Candice baby !! • @candice_b_

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Moral Of The Story (Solution/Speaking From The Soul)


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Its really the same game and story as it has always been with new characters to add flavor to the plot, and the name of the game and story is “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun”, so let’s just keep things simple and dedicate our resources to and focus our energies on initiatives that keeps them having fun, and everything else can and will work itself out for the greater good.

It’s like Kylie Jenner shared in this post by way of Cookie from Empire, the solution is to just surround yourself with good energy, and from the looks of it, Jasmine is at 956K followers on Instagram, and we can consider this as a campaign to help her reach 1 million along with a Hollywood Celebration Party for the accomplishment, because again, Girls Just Wanna Have Fun!


A “Supreme Truth” perspective to consider.