THE VALUE OF A SELFIE – If All We Really Have To Offer Is Ourselves Then How Much Is That Self Worth?


Moral Of The Story (Selfie Value Solution)

Some will get it, and some wont, so for the ones that will get it, well, lets see what we’ve got.

Ok, women folks are gonna be women folks and do women folk things, including but not limited to posting selfies on the Internet for me to look at, like, and comment on 25 hours a day and 8 days a week which comes at the expense of my precious time and attention.

Now while some people may consider it as ghetto-esque / hood mentaility’ish to be posting selfies with cash, credit cards, and even checks, that may very well be coming from individuals who are not necessarily pleased with you having some for yourself in abundance, yet if you as a woman reading that aint mad at yourself and are rather pleased with that fact that you are having some, then I Rylan Branch and the staff here at Your Friendly Neighborhood actually applaud you and second that emotion, and here is why.

Looking at the matter from more of a subconscious or unconscious mind level as do all major websites and apps, often unknown by the end users, I believe that posting selfies with money is actually conditioning an individual to actually seek to have some in order to post what we call high value selfies, and as much as some individuals post selfies, it is actually possible and feasible to have as much money to post selfies with as there is space available to post selfies with, to the extent that currency can be printed for the sake of such said endeavor, and while earning money usually does involve some type of work, the truth really is that posting selfies is actually work and for many, a labor of like and/or love, but the social media websites are actually the ones earning billions of dollars for the provision of the service that allows it, but now if were to begin to just begin to add some money into the pictures and stories, which again, subconsciously motivates the women to seek to have the money in hand to post with, along with tips on the best people, places, and things in which to spend it on, which should only be that which is honoring her actual self worth and value, then………

A “just thinking/doing out loud” perspective to consider.