LIKES AND FOLLOWS? – Click Here To Learn How To Get You Some Starring Beyoncé

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Moral Of The Story (PH Social Media Strategy/Solution)

Psalm 100:1 – Make a joyful noise to the LORD, all you lands.

From a man to the women who are reading and interested in knowing.

Likes and follows looks to be what the payoff is in the digital era in exchange for the efforts that she puts into attaining my awareness of her existence and associated benefits, and as an investor on the giving end of such said highly coveted commodities known as “Likes and Follows”, I just tend to invest into that which helps me and has my best interests and preferences in mind, and the tune that Destiny’s Child is singing in the video above along with the overall attitude conveyed in the song, which was released in 2005, seems to have led to an over abundant supply of “Likes and Follows” on Instagram and other desirable status symbols for Beyonce’© that are increasing in 2015, and if this type of attitude and behavior works for Bey, then it just might could work for you too.

A “humbling” perspective to consider.