A SUPERSTAR BY DEFINITION – Showbiz Success And The Science Of Celebrity Starring Tinashe


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Moral Of The Story (PH Superstar Solution)


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Now this is where The Game gets a bit complicated due to the fact that with the rising popularity of social media, it has led to what we can label as a reinvention of the game of fame when it comes to who can and should be classified as a celebrity, and whether or not an individual’s actual value should be based on their talent and skill, or their popularity, which can be and now often is indicated by the amount of likes, follows, and clicks that one is receiving online, which they can then attempt to leverage some form of monetary value from as a personal and or business brand.

What we are at liberty to share with those who are interested is that the traditional way that it has and on some level will continue to work in Hollywood as managed by showbiz professionals with integrity is that “main stream” and “high profile” celebrities who attain the coveted status of fame and fortune are first known by a select few individuals, before they become popular household names that are widely known by the general public, and the selection process while sometimes political, is mostly determined by the individuals potential to generate revenue through their ability to deliver a performance and or presence that is considered as worthy of its asking price by the collective audience.

Now to make sure we are really keeping things all the way authentic, when it comes to Tinashe, who has invested time and paid dues to her craft as a performer in the entertainment industry before she reached a level of any type of mainstream notoriety, the fact still remains that she actually has less than one million followers on her Instagram profile, while there are quite a few others with less actual showbiz experience, who have more than double the amount of followers as Instagram models, bloggers, and other digital era occupations but…..

When we are to put one on a flyer, poster, or some other form of promotional and advertising display, the question from a business standpoint is as follows.

Who is the most likely to attract paying customers in exchange for a performance, and we mean paid in the monetary sense as opposed to some attention paid in the form of likes and follows only?

Long story made simple, in the name of sustaining the integrity of the entertainment industry, we here at Your Friendly Neighborhood PimpHop.com do officially declare the following position.

It is SYMPIN’ when you use social media to show off what you have bought or are looking to buy, yet it is PIMPIN’ when you use social media to display what you have sold or are looking to sell.


A “know biz like showbiz” perspective to consider.