#CurrentMood – 2015 PH Summer League Season Opener Starring Kylie Jenner


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Moral Of The Story (Current Mood)

Real Quick.

For those interested, this is just an attempt to work out a matter that has been a great challenge over the years, which is to have the ability to really get into the whole social engagement thing and at the same time concentrate on developing and writing the overall big picture story of life, which is not really feasible with too much small talk and little or no real action, even though it (warm fuzzies) can be enjoyable, motivational, and what the flow of communication is like for many when it comes to social media and smartphone existences, so the decision was made to just share with you exactly what it looks and feels like on this end in regards to the social media dynamic as seen by the recent PH Twitter screenshot posted above using some of the popular hashtag lingo and socia media’isms to see if we can come together on some form of a mutually beneficial and forward moving medium, to coincide with the fact that its barely 3 days into the 2015 Summer League season, and Kylie has it poppin’ on a global and intergalactic level, and is sharing it (the energy) with us on her social media channels.

Motion Picture Industry = Keeping It Moving!