LET’S TALK ABOUT THE UNIVERSE – Kicking Some Good Conversation With Kendall Jenner

and by “you” I mean all 30 million

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Moral Of The Story (Speaking Of The Universe)

Well Kendall, what if the universe was a like a woman tho?
I mean there is a contest on the Planet Earth known as the Miss Universe contest.
She definitely likes to be liked and likes to be talked about, preferably in an agreeable way, and have her face be posted on the cover of billboards, magazines, and a variety of other places where people can be conscious of her and talk about her, as if her existence and continued growth depends on individuals being conscious of her, in order to even write up a definition and description of her to help others become even more aware of her and even better, to help her to become better aware of herself, same as what is written about her here at Your Friendly Neighborhood PimpHop.com which like a picture, increases in development through its exposure to light which is actually energy existing at varying vibrations, or vibes, as it states in the Instagram image caption above this paragraph.

She is always listening, learning, and likes to learn about herself, which effectively explains why she likes to be talked about as it is how she gets to know herself and her infinite potential which manifest through her infinite attributes similar to Instagram with hundreds of millions of different faces and counting.

One popular school of thought even theorizes that she came into her ever expanding existence due to some form of a big bang, which would then mean that some individual at some point in time and space before time and space had to be available to do the banging in a majorly big way, which again most likely came about first through her desire to be talked to and about.

Another “P” True Hollywood Story.