“SHE DID IT FOR THE GRAM” – Why Young Kylie Jenner Is F*ckin Up Some Commas And Decimals On Social Media


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so.. I splurged today. #welcometothefam

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Moral Of The Story (Ultimate Social Media Solution)


Truth Be Told……

Young Kylie is literally fuckin’ up both some commas and some decimals on “The Gram”,  averaging a million plus in likes and growing, which unlike follower totals, is a sure confirmation of the exact amount of people who both receive and agree with her messages, to the extent that we believe it to be a waste of our valuable time and energy to pay much attention to much of anything else besides what she is saying and doing to better gain a better understanding of why she does it, and better asses and upgrade on what we are doing here at Your Friendly Neighborhood PimpHop.com which is helping her and those of “the like” as stated below.

In closing, it’s the thoughts that counts.
A million likes, a half a million likes, a half million likes is two million likes!

A “futuristic” perspective to consider.