(0-9 = ARABIC NUMERALS) – How Ahmed Mohamed Is Keeping It 100 By Showing The World What Time It Is


Family Ahmed, 14, his mother, Muna Ahmed Ibraham, 45, and father, Mohamed Elhassan Mohamed, 57, at home after the trauma over his arrest

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Arabic Numerals

Arabic numerals or Hindu-Arabic or Indo-Arabic numerals, are the ten digits: 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, based on the Hindu–Arabic numeral system. Arabic numerals are the most common symbolic representation of numbers in the world today.

The first true zero was developed by ancient mathematicians in the Indian Subcontinent. Arabic numerals are used to represent this Hindu-Arabic numeral system, in which a sequence of digits such as “975” is read as a single number. This system was adopted by the Persian and Arab mathematicians in India, and passed on to the Arabs further west. There is some evidence which suggests that the numerals in their current form developed from Arabic letters in the western regions of the Arab World.

The current form of the numerals developed in North Africa, distinct in form from the Indian and eastern Arabic numerals. It was in the North African city of Bejaia that the Italian scholar Fibonacci first encountered the numerals; his work was crucial in making them known throughout Europe, and then further to the Europeans who spread it worldwide. The use of Arabic numerals spread around the world through European trade, books and colonialism.

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Coming to America: Ahmed’s father Mohamed Elhasan Mohamed (bottom right) in 1980 with his brothers (top from left) Hamid, Abdel Bagi, Abdel Krim and (bottom left) Abel.

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The Facts

  • The current number system that is used in the west to calculate a variety of things from time, to money, to I.P. addresses, and even social media likes, follows, and retweets, was introduced to Europeans by Africans with names and faces similar in appearance to that of Ahmed Mohamed and his family members as they hail from the same exact region.
  • Any “great” European scientists such as Galileo, Einstein, Newton, etc. first needed this 0-9 number system in order to correctly calculate their “theories” considered by many in the west as historical scientific breakthroughs. 10rand
  • Computers (digital electronics) work with what is known as a binary number system which in short means two numbers, which are the digits (0,1) to be specific as seen reflected in The Matrix movie digital rain display, both of which again, were introduced along with eight other digits by Africans to Europeans in the mid-late 10th century A.D.
  • The number Googolplex 10(10100) which is where the company known as Google derives its name from as a registered internet domain name on September 15, 1997, is in existence through the introduction of this 0-9 number system developed by individuals of Ahmed Mohamed’s ancestry to Europeans as stated above in the Wikipedia description.

Moral Of The Story (PH Supreme Mathematical Solution)


Pride: Aisha Mohamed, Ahmed’s grandmother, who now lives in Texas with her son Mohamed Elhasan

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Home coutnry: Ahmed’s father (second from left) has twice run for president of his home country, saying that he feels obliged to change the political system. It is currently effectively a dictatorshp.

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Now repeat after me.

Thou Shalt Keep It 100!