KYLIE JENNER WEBSITE ACCESS AND APP @ $2.99 PER MONTH?!?! – The Game Is To Be Sold, NOT To Be Told #NewEconomy

1 mill in 1 week 😳

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Moral Of The Story (Peep Game Tho!)




This post was inspired by doing some research on the response from Khloe’s app one day after its debut as listed below.

no hate towards you or your sisters, I love watching your family and each one of you. but each and everyone of you are freaking millionaires. $2.99 a MONTH? keep in mind not everybody in the word has been as fortunate as you have been. do you know what I got for my 18th birthday? I asked my mom to make a payment on my 11 year old car for me because I was struggling that month.

I love the kardashians and Khloe but I thought this app was for fans. Charging makes it more about them and making money. Also I have tried to cancel my account and had no luck due to the confusing layout. So if anyone else has and could post it that would be great. But also the content is easily found on the tv show and the outfit similarities aren’t really that similar I could find a better match on my own.1. Say what you are really wearing in Glam section. You only list choices that are similar. It makes you feel like not saying what you are really wearing is because your fans can’t afford it.

2. I don’t mind paying a monthly fee but the content is lacking. (I think the BJ section is totally inappropriate for your younger fans – app is rated 12 and up…but girls that young don’t need to see that)

3. Add some of your favorite recipes. Health foods/drinks you consume to stay fit.

4. Give us a tour of your house!

5. What inspires you? Your goals & dreams for the future.

6. Real life things you do. Favorite movies, tv shows, songs.

7. Give back to your fans!! Give away a swag bag/glam bag/shopping spree.

I just feel this app could show a more authentic side of you and what your life is like and how others can aspire to be like you not a knockoff version of you.

Wait a minute.

Kylie has the sixth most downloaded app on the iTunes app list, and she and her sisters are using the chart topping phone apps and most popular online social networking websites that they have the highest collective following on for free, in order to promote the content on their personal websites and apps for a small monthly fee?

We aint mad @that, and in actuality, we are extremely glad @that, yet we are not currently @liberty to share with you the reasons as to why other than to say it’s on with the show because the show must go on!

A Familiar/City Of Angels perspective to consider.