CAN SHE DELIVER? – Motherhood And The Yeezy Baby Making Machine Project Starring Kendall Jenner

me as a mom.

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Moral Of The Story (PH Fertility Solution)



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Well, lets see here.

You know the game is deep, and the force does in fact awaken when the Yeezy brand starts to show itself as a product that encourages and helps with fertility!

I Rylan Branch will be the first one to claim that there is nothing better than a woman who is both willing and able to deliver, to the extent that we can just offer something that celebrates the concept and supports her in her quest to be a great specialist in the act of providing deliverance.

Plus, mama told me never stop until I bust a nut
Fuck the world if they can’t adjust
It’s just as well, Hail Mary

Hail Mary

A ” Mary’d To The Game/City Of Angels” perspective to consider.