INSTAFAMOUS – Social Status In The #NewEconomy (Part 2) Starring Kim Kardashian “Superstar” West

55 MILLION!!!!!!!OMGGGGG!!!!!! LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!!!!!!

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Moral Of The Story (PH Social Status Upgrade Solutions)


How do we say this in English?

At the end of the day/year, it’s looking to be all about the payoffs, and going into 2016 requires that we go ahead and face the “Reality T.V.” of the situation by recognizing that social media followers and likes for many of today’s young women of worth are of high importance and relevance as they are playing a significant part in the perceived worth and social status of individuals who are cast members on the global stage of life in the digital age.

The two articles listed above are from December 2014 at the end of last year, and January 2015 as the beginning of this year, so we will chalk this post up as a progress report as well as a demonstration provided by Kim of what it takes to get to and remain on top as well as an indication of where and what is “the actual top”, which is none other than what we are currently viewing on this online publication and new establishment, as a dot com, known to the galaxy as PimpHop!

References available upon request.

A “Reality Is Perception” perspective to consider.