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Happy Sunday lovelies! I had a very interesting convo with my grandmother this morning. We talked about nakedness and the evolution of clothing and modesty. As it pertains to women protecting themselves from the natural sex drive of men. And also how it has influenced the perception that women who wear less clothes are both inviting sex as well as more willing to partake in sex and therefore reduce in value. With all of this what was left was simply more questions and a very “chicken or the egg” type feeling at the conclusion of our discussion. So if you are willing I have a few questions for you that I would love to here your opinions…. 1) do you think women who publicly (Internet or physical life) wear less clothing are “inviting” sex, sexual harassment, and other related from men? 2) why do you think as a human society we have perpetrated the idea that the male libido is uncontrollable and women have resorted to covering their bodies as a solution? 3) Obviously I appreciate the freedom of the Internet to show my body with as little clothes as possible. What is your perception of me? Has it changed since you first followed me? Thankyou so much for engaging in this discussion with me I look so forward to reading your responses. Please be respectful and kind and do not use derogatory language. Although I have faith in my lovelies I will warn that anyone who comments something that I feel is hateful will be blocked. #lovemiche A photo posted by Michéle (@lovemiche_) on

MIDNIGHT CHRONICLES: I am the same person in both of these photos. The left is for the connivence of society. The right is how I feel most comfortable. The Internet is my free zone to be me. I just don’t like to wear clothes. And I love my vessel. Covering it up or not… I am still the same person. Honest honest honest. I read/ hear this argument all the time that real men find it sexier when you “leave something to the imagination.” My purpose in life is not to find a man. It is not to get married. It is not make a man happy for the rest of his life. My purpose is to grow as a person, to motivate others to do what gives them purpose, and to pursue happiness. Happiness for me is being in my natural state. Other women may desire to fall in love get married and please their man for the rest of their life. That is perfectly fine and equally respectable. That doesn’t have to be every woman’s purpose. I am a passionate ambitious human. And I am afraid perhaps only another being who is equally passionate about their purpose could become my partner in life. Being a true artist who is focused on their craft results in a lonely life. Self gratifying, lonely nonetheless. Something I have willingly embraced. I am naked for my self, and to open the minds of others. I want go contradict stereotypes and make people think outside their comfort zone. If anything I give to the public, is used by others for an alternative purpose that is not a reflection on me. I am myself. Another woman has complete right to the way they want to live their life. Even if it is opposite to me in every way. And she will still be right. Because it’s her life. I… I will continue to live mine. #lovemiche

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Solution = Look @ and listen to SHE, not ME!

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