CÓMO SE DICE “SLAY” IN ESPANOL? – PH Money Translation Services Starring Bad Medina Ft. Floyd Mayweather

And We Slay..

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Currency Translation

To change the value of one currency into a value of a foreign currency. In order to do this, a company must have information such as the currencies in question and the exchange rates. Currency translation is especially important for multinational corporations or businesses that might operate in areas with different local currencies. For example, a large corporation planning its yearly revenue projections could use currency translation to bring the currency used at the home office to the relevant local currency (for instance, U.S. dollar to Euro). The company could also translate revenues from the foreign subsidiary, as well as other foreign divisions, into U.S. dollars to compare the numbers to a domestic portion of the company. See also group currency.

Read more: http://www.businessdictionary.com/definition/currency-translation.html#ixzz42Qq3qtbh

Moral Of The Story (PH Job Creation/Smart Investment Solutions)


Welcome to another #WCW (Women Can Work) installment here at Mighty Mighty PimpHop.com.

Let’s see here…

Pay dues and make smart investments is the key to success and luxury lifestyle affordability according to Floyd Mayweather, and initially, this post was inspired by the feature image as something good for the game and good for the culture, yet with the knowledge of the fact that money itself is actually a tool that we use to comunicate value, the decision was then made to invest some time and energy into expanding on the concept while continuing the flow of the PH Entrepreneurial Support System by recognizing that Doralie “Bad” Medina is actually multi-lingual, and is efficient in translating PimpHop Culture into different languages while retaining its value with some colored faces added to the story with a more modern and diverse flavor, and seeing as how Floyd is an international traveler and world citizen, these upgraded currency translation services now being offered here at PimpHop.com are most assuredly garunteed to be right on time and right on the money.

A “Solution Provider’s” perspective to consider.