KOBE STUDIOS!!! – On With The Show Because The Show Must Go On, So Says Kobe Bryant


via Orange County Register: February 2016

Retiring Lakers star Kobe Bryant founds Kobe Studios as part of his Newport Beach company

And that’s the point Bryant wants to make moving forward. It’s not about him anymore. Bryant told The Orange County Register he has founded Kobe Studios, an arm of Kobe Inc., in an effort to bring others’ stories to life in a variety of media.

Kobe Inc. is a multi-level business headquartered in Newport Beach and something of a creative factory for Bryant. He spends long hours coming up with ideas for his new venture.

“What my passion is now is creating the story,” Bryant told the Register. “Creating the story and finding the best possible way, the medium which that story can live.”

Bryant said those stories will be told through movies, books and “any area in which content is distributed and created.”

“Some stories will be created. Some stories will be fantasy in nature, others reality-based,” he said. “But we will look for content that inspires a generation of people.”

Source (Read More): http://www.ocregister.com/articles/bryant-705332-business-told.html




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No off days Kobe, let’s keep it poppin tho!