#HOECHELLA SEASON – Pimpin Is Big Business!!! Is Kylie Jenner The Best One We Can Find?

Your bestie + #AllDayBreakfast = best festival selfie ever. Just ask @KylieJenner 😉

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Moral Of The Story (PH Hoechella/Big Business Solutions)

And remember.
A PIMP is only as good as his product.
See? And his product is women. Now you got to go out there, and you got to get the best ones you can find. And you gotta work them broads like nobody’s ever worked em’ before!


It’s da Illuminati beyotch, don’t you see the single eye looking through you tho?

Nah, just fonkin witcha, but now on to seriously big business.

This is how it really really all works.


McDonald’s as a household name brand and multinational corporation sees the enormous value of Kylie Jenner in relation to the New Economy, and their stock prices on the NYSE are up on the plus side as of current press time, which you can analyze for yourself at this link, and if we pay close enough attention to the good news known as Kylie Jenner on Instagram, Snapchat, and life in the digital era, we see that she thinks and acts according to the music and trends in PimpHop Culture, and as an acting Supreme Guru Ayatollah of this culture known as urban, we do hereby state without a shadow of a doubt, that the conversation in the video clip above as well as the story that it comes from, is at the root foundation and the genesis of the culture itself.

[Hook: Kanye & Twista]

“Give you ice like Kobe wife
We sorta like Goldie, right
The way we mold ’em right
I could make you a celebrity overnight”

-Overnight Celebrity
Produced By Kanye West

A “Respect The Game” perspective to consider.