MITOCHONDRIAL EVE – #BlackLivesMatter Backed Up By DNA Evidence Starring Zolee Griggs

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Mitochondrial Eve

In human genetics, Mitochondrial Eve is the matrilineal most recent common ancestor (MRCA) of all currently living humans. This is the most recent woman from whom all living humans today descend, in an unbroken line, on their mother’s side, and through the mothers of those mothers, and so on, back until all lines converge on one woman, who is estimated to have lived approximately 100,000–200,000 years ago. Because all mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) generally (but see paternal mtDNA transmission) is passed from mother to offspring without recombination, all mtDNA in every living person is directly descended from hers by definition, differing only by the mutations that over generations have occurred in the germ cell mtDNA since the conception of the original “Mitochondrial Eve”.

Mitochondrial Eve is named after mitochondria and the biblical Eve. Unlike her biblical namesake, she was not the only living human female of her time. However, her female contemporaries, excluding her mother, failed to produce a direct unbroken female line to any living person in the present day.

Mitochondrial Eve is estimated to have lived between 99,000 and 200,000 years ago, most likely in East Africa, when Homo sapiens sapiens (anatomically modern humans) were developing as a population distinct from other human sub-species.

Mitochondrial Eve lived later than Homo heidelbergensis and the emergence of Homo neanderthalensis, but earlier than the out of Africa migration. The dating for “Eve” was a blow to the multiregional hypothesis and a boost to the theory of the origin and dispersion of modern humans from Africa, replacing more “archaic” human populations such as Neanderthals. As a result, a consensus emerged among anthropologists that the latter theory was more plausible.

Analogous to the Mitochondrial Eve is the Y-chromosomal Adam, the member of Homo sapiens from whom all living humans are descended patrilineally. The inherited DNA in the male case is his nuclear Y chromosome rather than the mtDNA. Mitochondrial Eve and Y-chromosomal Adam need not have lived at the same time. For example, Y-chromosomal Adam has been estimated to have lived during a wide range of times from 180,000 to 581,000 years ago, while a 2013 paper concluded that he lived between 120,000 and 156,000 years ago (however, this paper did not include some Cameroonians and one African American, who did not inherit their Y from that “Adam”

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Message To The Human Race And Any Other Interested Parties…

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zolee3#AllLivesMatter, and in order for a person, place, or thing to matter, a person, place, or thing must first exist in order for the human mind to conclude whether or not it or they matter, yet all human minds that come attatched to human lives owe their existence to the contribution of genes to the human gene pool by the original genetic source code of black lives that matter, referred to as Y Chromosome Adam, and Mitochondrial Eve as their created character names in the scientific community, meaning all human lives who would conduct a search of their ancestry on will have peices of their DNA strands matched to individuals who are black lives and have been black lives in the region of the world currently referred to as Africa, A.K.A. The Motherland, with the claim being confirmed by simply viewing the History Channel documentary that is posted above this paragraph.

This data that we are currently sharing has been contributed by trusted scientists, anthropologists, and media staff of a non black ethnicity, in order to neutralize the idea that we may be presenting a biased opinion, yet the personal opinion of I Rylan Branch is simply that a Young Black Teenager such as Zolee who represents the future of black lives that do in fact matter, benefits tremendously by having the assertion that #BlackLivesMatter be backed up by actual facts and DNA evidence similar to the process commonly used in modern legal systems around the world, because we all just come at situations from a position of strength and power when the position is based on solid facts, sound reasoning, and knowledge which leads to acting with the empowered emotion of certainty, as opposed to just passionate emotion alone.


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