PORNSTARS THAT SMOKE KUSH!!! – A “P” True Hollywood Story Starring Serena Ali


Serena Ali

Pretty Face…. Mixxxed Race…. Paper Chase
Twitter: @SerenaAlixxx Instagram: @SerenaAli3x

Tall (5’10”), buxom, and shapely knockout Serena Ali was born on January 1, 1991. Of black, German, and Samoan descent, Ali grew up in Orange County, California. Serena studied Criminal Justice in college, but dropped out prior to earning a BA Degree. Ali first became involved with the adult entertainment industry in November, 2011. Among the notable companies Serena has appeared in X-rated features for are Jules Jordan Video, West Coast Productions, and Justin Slayer International. Moreover, Ali has worked for the popular adult website Twistys as well as posed for noted adult photographer Suzy Randall.


Moral Of The Story (Solution)

Now peep game though.

Earlier in the week when the first “PORNSTARS THAT SMOKE KUSH!!! ” post starring Julie Kay that can be viewed by clicking on the title went up, it Broke The Internet, and the numbers shot through the roof, so when I went over to view Julie’s social media accounts the next day, I saw her homegirl and partner in crime Serena Ali standing next to her in an on the set image, and wound up on Serena’s Instagram account, and from the way things are looking, knowing that she has sisters and homegirls that are “finer than a muthafuka” and financially fit as is she, we will just carve out some superstar showcase space and just put them up here on and send the message out, letting them know that they can ALL come over this way and do it how they like without limits, and get paid well in the process, as “OPPORTUNITIES” is the name of the song feature above, as well as another “Lady Liberty” perspective to consider.

Bonus Insight

Also, and this is important to note…….
Due to the changing attitude towards marijuana legalization in the U.S.A., we can foresee opportunities for modeling, advertising, and promotions within that industry being created in the near future, which we treat as the present moment here at Life Experience Magazine!

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