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Congrats @piaarrobio on the launch of @lpathelabel at @revolve // to buy the dress link is in my profile •

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What is your nationality?

I feel like “What is your ethnicity or nationality” is a question that I have answered a thousand times. But if you missed the memo, I am Vietnamese and Italian. I was born in Germany and raised between Ohio and Europe. *Update Apparently I was wrong about that being my nationality, I was half right! I am Asian 44%, European 43%, Middle Eastern 7% and Polynesian 6%. Check out this post on how I came up with these specific percentages.

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Moral Of The Story (Just Minding My Own Business)


Just on here checking her out, thoroughly enjoying what I see, hear, smell, and feel, and imagining the possibilities, because all realized possibilities do start off as imagined possibilities and having some love and kisses to offer to a diverse group of souls from a diverse and very unique soul is something that I can imagine as a super duper game changing business venture.

I mean, could you imagine?
Let’s work together on things…